Malibu Blues

Malibu, California is a 15 mile long jewel in the coastal crown of the Pacific Coast Highway. Not as intimating as its upscale reputation, Malibu is simply a beach bum and surfer’s paradise that happens to house a lot of wealthy people. It’s also home to an incredible number of health food restaurants, one very […]

We Are Golden

It’s hard to imagine visiting San Francisco without the great anticipation of a sighting of deep orange steel from the Golden Gate Bridge from almost anywhere you turn. Like the iconic Eiffel in Paris it teases, playfully peeking around street corners and waiting patiently for admirers to view it from the hilltops or from the hazy […]

WP Blur Challenge: Or, How I Learned to do this on Purpose in Photography Class

The ability to enhance your blog with beautiful photography seems like a no-brainer, until you actually attempt to master beautiful photography. After gamely trying to self-teach myself over the last few years, I finally caved-in to taking a few classes after someone innocently remarked that I had a good eye, but needed to master the […]