A Whisper to Winter

A gentleman on horseback ambled through my viewfinder not long ago, and without stopping, asked me what I was taking pictures of. His words made me pause for a minute. I was standing in that sun swept North Georgia field for a reason, but how do you explain how special the light is in late winter to a stranger who had to ask? How the sun transforms everything it touches with its amber glow, the grasses, those oceans of wild wheat that pulsate in the light, rows of nimble dancers swaying in the wind. I started to sweep my arm around to show why it moved me, then dropped it back to my side and mentioned something vague about the setting sun and wished him a wonderful evening. His friendly voice carried across the field as he and his horse continued on, half shouting about how bad the traffic had become and that he can’t take his horses on the roads anymore because of it, and did I know he used to photograph his daughters during their many years of horse shows. After they disappeared into the woods I slowly turned and drank in what was left of the day, then quietly whispered a goodbye to winter.


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40 thoughts on “A Whisper to Winter

  1. I especially love #1 and #4, but they are all lovely. You were amazing to practice such restraint! I couldn’t have held back my enthusiastic response, arm waving, etc 😉 Aloha, Elisa! Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Awesome photos of the late winter light, Elisa, and I like the story a lot too. Often when I’m birding and I’m really excited about a find, someone may come along and ask what we’re looking at. Sometimes I share my enthusiasm and information, but gradually I found it was more special when I just had the brief moments to bathe in it, rather than explain it, before the bird flew away. So I just say, “beautiful birds” and that works out well for all of us. So I totally understand your response, your joy, and your gift in these photos. I love the one of the treetops and clouds….

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  3. Hi Elisa, I see you’re practicing when you come out to Colorado for that springtime visit, maybe. 🙂

    Winter is shouting if it can stay for a few more days or weeks here. That certain springtime golden glow you speak of, begins roughly in late February or early March for us. It gets you excited for the awakening spring brings for warmer days and the emergence of color from winter white.

    Today, we’re at RRC for the annual “test event”. It’s part training session, part mentoring session for the younger riders, and part recruiting effort to encourage some the promising learn-to-ride students to stay in riding. After the morning break, in about 30 minutes, my girls will be leading a mentoring session – something they’ve been excited to do this spring. Then, in two weeks, their riding season begins with two weeks in Texas. You and I will need to visit before we leave.

    Have a great weekend!

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    1. Ha, I’ve been thinking that there are areas of North Georgia that are similar in topography (and animal life) to Colorado…except for the weather! It seems as though you never know what you’re going to get out there. Thanks for all of the updates, and I’m glad the girls continue to do well.

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  4. “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” The guy probably rides there so often that he just takes it all for granted. If a “developer” ever comes and turns that into a shopping mall, he’ll remember that day . . . and what he’s lost. — YUR


    1. YUR! You’re pretty insightful as our somewhat rural part of North Atlanta is being developed pretty quickly. Fortunately this piece of land has become a designated hiking area. (and to be fair, I think this guy was just making conversation.) Glad you stopped by and for reminding me of the great Joni Mitchel.

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  5. Great pictures. It always such a great feeling when you get back home and you finally get to take a real look at what you have taken. Well worth the effort . Thanks for stopping by.


      1. Sorry, I just noticed the typo on my last comment…I type so fast that often don’t realize that I’ve typed gibberish until its too late! I meant “visiting!” 🙂


  6. Whenever you can drink something like this, you are very lucky. And the question the strangers ask, is a question all photographers so ask themselves when they take a photo—even if it’s difficult to answer. But by understanding your purpose with a photo you are able to enhance that purpose in the shooting process and get a stronger image. I love this cool pictures. 🙂


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