Crossing the Celestial Equator

On Wednesday, September 23rd, the sun’s rays began to shine directly over the Earth’s equator marking the beginning of the Autumnal Equinox in the northern hemisphere. Fall’s arrival reminded us here in the U.S. that the days are growing cooler, that it’s time to dig out sweaters, find the forgotten rakes, and to pick fresh apples and start baking them in pies. It’s the season of leaf peeping, pumpkin carving and cheering through hours of football. It is a time for counting blessings and gathering our families to celebrate all that is good in life, for cherishing our friends and remembering those who passed. This year, remarkably, the sun’s rays also guided a humble man of the cloth to our country, a Pope named Francis, who taught us that kindness and humility, acceptance, and caring for those less fortunate than us remains our daily priority. This year, when the sun crossed the equator, it delivered hope.

64 thoughts on “Crossing the Celestial Equator

  1. Such a very nice extolment on finding a quietude that seems to be missing in the age of raised voices and shouting. It may be we are longing for simpler days.

    Digging out sweaters, jackets and coats, one thing you learn of living in Colorado is you don’t put them away. You’ll never know when cold will strike unexpectedly. Pies, I can go for that. 🙂


    1. Thank you, David. Fall is my favorite time of year, and you’re right, I think it’s a time for both reflection and moving forward. There’s something in the air that makes me feel more alive than I do during the rest of the year. Ha, could be the lack of pollen. 🙂 Hope you are having a beautiful day!

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      1. Reflection, we probably could use more. If you’re in need of pollen, we have plenty of it here. 🙂

        It’s a nice day here, not too hot yet. My early morning conference call, waste of my time – they got to shouting back and forth at the other end, so I hung up.


  2. Very thoughtful post Elisa. If only all Christian leaders could inspire us with hope.

    The autumn is the most emotion producing season. As nature begins it’s cycle of rest and renewal.

    In amongst the dying leaves and flowers is the hope of the eternally energing spring that will follow the sombre days of winter.

    I am an Anglican but very thankful for Pope Francis.


  3. Even now – way into October month – it’s quite weird how little impact the autumn has done this year. But I do look forward to the colours to come – and also to the shorter days. There is something very peaceful about the dark evenings. And, yes, it’s a time for reflections, isn’t it!


    1. By now, hopefully, the brilliant fall colors will have arrived in your part of the world, Otto. I don’t know what it is about this time of the year, but it has always made me feel like I’m home again. I hope you’re enjoying the shorter days, and peaceful evenings. Take care!


  4. Beautiful colours and the light of promise in your image. Not quite the most looked forward to season for us though, with the monsoons just about ready to unleash their fury. Trust all s well with you Elisa.


  5. I was born and raised right on the equator ( Uganda, East Africa). Hot and humid to say the least. Never really thought much about it until I moved to a non humid place of the world. I can now say it indeed was humid!😁


    1. East Africa! I can imagine how hot AND humid it must be there, it must have been quite an adjustment to relocated to such a geographically different area. Thank you again for stopping by!


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