Sun Burn

Focus on the
beautiful parts
of life, and
the universe
will keep
giving them
to you.




    1. Thanks Pam! I have an Instagram account which gets very little traffic, except for this shot. I posted it a few weeks ago, and was surprised at how many likes it got. People bypass my other pictures and go straight to this one, so I thought I’d blog it. It is fiery!


      1. Your last name just jumps out at me because my Grandmother’s maiden name was Ruhland. Yours is very very close. Is there any possibility at one time your last name was spelled with an H? And thank you for your sweet words to me. It was my pleasure viewing your work, believe me. ❤


    1. I just realized that I replied to myself several days ago, instead of in reply to your comment. I can’t tell you how often I do that, or why! I’ll have to slow down the typing, I think! So here was my reply to your wonderful comment:

      Knowing that my post made your day, made MY day! Smiling!! Have a great week.
      Sorry it was late!


  1. So, how long did you see spots??? 🙂

    Back home with the girls getting ready to start classes next week. Their next horse show is the Colorado Fall Preview over the Labor Day weekend. Moreover, the moms are happy to have their daughters back.


    1. Hi there. And ha, no spots, I can stare the sun down any day. Of course I may end up with cataracts. I’m happy everyone’s back home and that everyone’s happy! My husband always liked to say, that when mom (moms) isn’t happy, nobody’s happy….of course that was NEVER the case in our household 😉


      1. Stare down! 🙂 In Colorado, you’ll need to wear your sunglasses, sunny or cloudy. It’s the way of life. 🙂

        Both Laurie and Andrea wanted to know who we were, that we looked familiar. The cats were okay with us being back home. This weekend is the last horse show of the summer, a pretty big one. If the girls have a good showing, it’ll be to the WCHR Finals in Florida in January. Their next show is the Las Vegas National in November – their big ride will be the $100,000 Grand Prix.


  2. How true is that? Sunsational, Elisa! 🙂 🙂
    Do I follow you on Instagram? (I saw your first comment) I follow but don’t post on there so it’s a bit one sided. If I’m travelling I sometimes have a look at Instagram on my phone.


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