Out of the Blue

One of the world’s largest museums and a central landmark in Paris, the Louvre has become a modern-day crossroads of sorts. Many people intentionally pass through its vibrant concourse on their way to the streets of Paris, and on to Europe and the rest of waiting world. I was cutting through the courtyard myself on the way back to my hotel last October when I noticed a girl walking her little dog through the crowd. She stood out among the other travelers like a light on a stage, dressed from head to toe in varying shades of sapphire.  I live for these small moments; watching people move through their day, listening for laughter echoing the streets, exchanging smiles with a stranger, catching the light dancing on the water. We all have a role in this theater of life, and that afternoon in Paris the girl wearing blue became the focus in my viewfinder and played the lead to my Louvre Act I production. If I could, I would thank her for the wonderful moment, and of course, list her in the opening credits.


  1. That is a beautiful capture, Elisa! the Louvre is massive and busy, I haven’t figured out how to take photos there. The columns and street light are on one side, the glass on the other side, and the young lady in the middle, Great composition!

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  2. What a great image! The first thing my eyes drifted to was the women in the blue coat so you pictured it perfectly to match! You wrote such essence about little things in everyday life. Thank you for sharing this ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hi Elisa,
    thank you for your recent visit to my photo post. I just so happened to go to your blog and found this post. It rings so much like the post I wrote today that I could not believe it. I think you wrote yours more eloquently, but it was interesting how I gravitated to this one post you wrote. Perhaps it was because I recognized the Louvre as I lived in Europe on and off in my young adult life. Thanks again! Alesia


  4. I am really repeating “post” a lot!! I do that at times as I don’t pay attention to what I am writing and repeat myself. haha I am a brain tumor survivor so I always like to say I have a good excuse for that kind of thing. : )


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