Out of the Blue

One of the world’s largest museums and a central landmark in Paris, the Louvre has become a modern-day crossroads of sorts. Many people intentionally pass through its vibrant concourse on their way to the streets of Paris, and on to Europe and the rest of waiting world. I was cutting through the courtyard myself on the way back to my hotel last October when I noticed a girl walking her little dog through the crowd. She stood out among the other travelers like a light on a stage, dressed from head to toe in varying shades of sapphire.  I live for these small moments; watching people move through their day, listening for laughter echoing the streets, exchanging smiles with a stranger, catching the light dancing on the water. We all have a role in this theater of life, and that afternoon in Paris the girl wearing blue became the focus in my viewfinder and played the lead to my Louvre Act I production. If I could, I would thank her for the wonderful moment, and of course, list her in the opening credits.


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