Atlanta Shorts: Whale Shark Surfing

Build a 10 million gallon aquarium and they will come. Four whale sharks, four beluga whales, eleven bottle nose dolphins, four manta rays and over 100,000 fish and other sea creatures made their home at the Georgia Aquarium  in downtown Atlanta. Built in 2005, then the largest in the world, the aquarium is a wonder to experience. Although there are many highlights, the show stealers are the whale sharks, known for being the largest sharks and the largest fish in the world, with some growing as large as forty feet in length. Nothing can prepare you (although I am trying) for the impact of seeing these gentle giants glide silently by for the first time. Like a pied piper of the sea they are rarely alone, a trail of colorful schooling fish following along, a continuous parade along the viewing window. The whale sharks are imported from Asia, and if you feel unsettled at the thought of these great beasts living in captivity, you’ll rest a bit easier knowing that they were taken from Taiwan’s annual fishing kill quota, and would have been eaten had they not been purchased by the Aquarium.


In Atlanta?  I recommend finding the time to dive into this remarkable underwater experience.


Bringing a camera?  Read this informative article “How to Take Great Photos at the Aquarium” by Nikon


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