Spring Shorts: Ode to Spring and the Return of the Birds


“What a strange thing!
to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.”

― Kobayashi Issa, Poems


Spring arrived early this year but barely made a ripple in the southern atmosphere as it painted our world in pastels, a relief considering the thrashing we took in the late winter months. The cherry trees in the yard bloomed bigger and the petals fell earlier leaving behind small orbs of dark red, eagerly devoured by chipmunks scampering though the branches like tiny acrobats. The testosterone ravaged birds arrived, puffed up and singing loudly, happily, uncontrollably. They staked their territories, built fine nests of pine straw and dried moss, cleverly disguised above the bird feeders lined like smoke stacks along the branches. The turf wars began. The squirrels, ready to feast at the tables set before them, were shamed into retreat by the flurry of beating wings, warriors suspended in mid-air.  The rains came, barely making a ripple and our world rested, preparing for the inevitable arrival of summer, and a backyard truce of sorts.



    1. Thank you for the lovely comment, Sue. I remember reading about the silly happy bird chirping in the springtime and was tickled that it was caused by the pumped up testosterone for the mating season. I smile every time I hear it!


  1. Enjoy the warm day, the green grasses the horny birds and good ‘ole Georgia! 🙂
    Thanks Elisa you described the moment perfectly!


  2. As I write, the rains are coming in a downpour. I commented to you to send some here and you must have done so. We need rain after so many years of drought. The trees are rejoicing. I could send you some squirrels in return. I have the black ones to tempt you too.


    1. The vision of the rains drenching your garden gave me much joy this morning….and to think I have such power! I’d like to send you some more if you don’t mind, more rain and thunder for Atlanta today. Enjoy! (And put a hold on the squirrel delivery, we have a few zillion already 🙂 )


  3. Cherry blossoms in the yard? Wish we could have those. Having winter prevents us from having those.

    Now, about that Barry White music – is that on 8-track or cassette? 🙂


  4. Your words are beautiful. I had a gratifying opportunity to view sakura in Japan. Sakura are just the most fascinating, interesting flower for me. Love the capture. Er, this was taken just recently?


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