L.A. Shorts: The Sunset Goodbye Ritual


Our family has a seaside sunset ritual when we’re preparing to travel back to Atlanta after a visit with our daughter on the West Coast.  Where better to spend our last few hours together in a place we love with a host of colorful characters.  See you next  time!

82 thoughts on “L.A. Shorts: The Sunset Goodbye Ritual

    1. The End of the Pier Cafe has a nice ring to it, what a great place to work. It’s funny you should say that because it reminded me that the pier in the photograph has a teeny aquarium at very end. It’s cute and doesn’t have many displays, starfish and a few eels mostly, but still fun to see. Take care, and thanks for stopping by!


      1. The end of the pier cafe is at the eastbourne pier in England have you been there? Because the pier that was in the previous photo was certainly not the eastbourne pier but I can tell you now that any pier is beautiful in its own way and that they each have some sort of speciality.


      1. Long as they’re happy and thriving, it’s all that matters.

        When Deborah and Tara was at Colorado State, in Ft. Collins, they simply didn’t like the place at all. They did well with their grades, both making the dean’s list. When they asked to transfer and live at home and go to school, we weren’t going to say no. It’s a matter of them being in a comfort zone to make good choices.


  1. WOW! That pic. with the huge waves; it’s a whole lot of fun battling those! Best wishes for a bright and prosperous future…


    1. Thanks, Robyn! The Los Angeles area has such a fabulous outdoor lifestyle that it’s difficult not to want to be part of it all the time. I’m guessing that we’ve lost our daughter to L.A. once her four years of college are over, but at least we know the ropes and won’t feel shy about visiting. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. The thing about going back to Atlanta is it has nothing like this…which probably has you already planning your next trip back to the west coast. Really nice photos Lady – love the photo of the surfer dude headed out!


    1. Hi!!!!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful Easter, too, Grace – pollen and all! She seems to be doing well, and enjoying the Southern California lifestyle…hard not to, I think. I hope all is going well. Miss you, girl!


    1. Hi, Naomi. When I think of you, I think of family and wonderful traditions, so it doesn’t surprise me you liked our sunset goodbye tradition. Thanks very much for the compliment.
      Take care!


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