Breaking News: The Color Green Goes Missing

Atlanta, Ga.   Reports are coming in that the color green has been missing from the Atlanta area since late November of 2013. Green, known as the symbol of nature, fertility, and life, is a popular color in the Southern U.S. for farmers, gardeners and more importantly, fans of the Masters Golf Tournament. Clues left at the scene of the crime include, but are not limited to, leaves scattered on the ground under stunned trees, a landscape drained of all color, and hundreds of small animals furiously digging tiny holes in the ground for no apparent reason. The primary suspect, Winter, seen in the area during the first hard frost in December, is said to have “dug in deep.” After the recent capture of warm weather antagonist Jack Frost at the recent Green Bay, 49ers playoff game in Wisconsin, Winter went into cahoots with a more dangerous accomplice who goes by the name of Polar Vortex, wreaking icy havoc on a good part of the North American Continent. Spring, who has a vested interest in the safe return of Green, is offering a reward in the form of lush grass, tender new growth and an addictive fragrance in the air that has been known to melt even the most hardened of hearts, and inducing random outbursts of singing in many people. To assist authorities in locating the missing popular color, please visit your local garden center. And fertilize.


  1. The loss of the greening of the landscape is now replaced by the slow melting of snow white (no pun intended for the season of hibernation). Your first image shows the beginning effects of cooler weather, giving us that last burst of color. Nicely done.


  2. Oh my gosh I think I’ve seen this fellow in our part of the world… hiding out in the open for all to see… lush and deep coloured… and in no hurry to want to return North… and I’m not going to turn him in, I think he can stay here as long as he likes… I see no reward posted, so sorry he’s mine for hopefully a lot longer…


  3. Unfortunately, green is appearing months too early in our mountains, a result of the unseasonably warm weather. Perhaps I can send a few sprouts east to Atlanta.


  4. cute…here’s something funny..I was watching the weather on the news last night and I thought I heard that it was going to SNOW in ATL…My daughter said it’s been nice there. Obviously I was mistaken.
    Have a great DAY!


    1. I’m glad you’re here to keep me up to date on our weather, I had no idea! It is in the balmy 50’s today, but back to the freezer tonight and yes, chance of snow. I’d better do a milk run….


  5. A long-awaited return of the ice age? I think the parka over the beach clothes may not work. You’ll probably have to put on the “long pants”. 😉

    P.S. This is what happens when the Super Bowl is played in NJ, in winter.


  6. LOL, its missing here too! Do you think its a conspiracy! But know because of the drought, even the earth tones of winter look sick! 😦
    I also heard that the Farmer’s Almanac is calling for even worse winter weather in February!


  7. You do realise it’s all your fault… The Rain in England… if you hadn’t dragged the jetstream down so far… 😉 Looks like Winter has decided to take his Vacation on the east coast. I expect he’ll turn up here in June! Jokes aside, I hope everyone keeps safe over there in the snow and ice.

    I love that Maple leaf 🙂


    1. Hey, thanks for sending the link, Maureen. So far everything as worked as it should since the last overhaul. It’s good to know that there might be a resolution if the splotches come back. I’m going to bookmark that link!


  8. Well, I am completely innocent of harboring anybody except that wicked Vortex Witch who’s been sneaking in my garden gate lately at night. If I can get her in my clutches, I’ll send her along to you. Throttling is not considered torture. This is the most clever post, Elisa and smiley too. I’m waiting for the ice skating photos. Now, that’s going to be compensation for the Vortex Massacre. 🙂


  9. I swear, those two were here too! You should see the devastation they caused in my city! School kids were forced to stay home because they kept the city hostage for a little while! I bet you they are still lurking around, I can still feel their presence!


    1. Gracie, can you believe all of the trouble they’ve caused?? Now I hear they’re headed for the NorthEastern U.S. But I guess you are used to winter’s bad behavior….I can’t wait to see all the posts about springtime!


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