Getting Your Glow On

I’ve wanted to go to the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s “Garden Lights” display since its inception three years ago, and decided that this year I would cast aside all self-imposed holiday duties and make a beeline to the beautiful mid-town gardens with my family. We were not disappointed. A million plus twinkling lights displayed artfully throughout the woods and gardens made for a fun and festive evening. Enhancing the adventure is a popular detour from light gazing, the Glow Bar, where beverages of choice (wine!) are available to toast the holidays with loved ones in this magical setting. If you find yourself in the Atlanta area mid-November through early January this year, try to make the effort to take part in this enlightening and extremely enjoyable experience. My advice is to check the forecast before you make plans and pinpoint the evening with the warmest temps. If it includes a warning about a POLAR VORTEX, you may want to keep your eye out for a friendlier weather day. Polar Vortex = Not Much Fun Sightseeing Outside at Night. For more information check out the Atlanta Botanical Gardens website.


    1. Ha, Happy Font Year!
      I downloaded the custom font option forever ago and FINALLY fiddled around with them last night. This one suited my mood…don’t be surprised if it changes again. Thanks for noticing!


  1. It looks like it must have been wonderful, and the Glow Bar sounds like a wonderful way to end the evening. Thanks for sharing this!


      1. I’m doing okay. My RA is in Remission (I guess, all I know is it doesn’t hurt quite so bad) but I have a hip issue that is eating my lunch! Trying to work out in the pool to increase circulation.
        My granddaughter had her bell ringing celebration to signify that she is officially in Remission with her Leukemia! Praises to God for healing her!
        My daughter however is having a terrible time with her rare autoimmune disease. There is no treatment or cure and she is in danger of losing her eyesight. PRAYERS please.
        My husband’s real estate business is finally picking up and hopefully it will stay that way.
        My youngest daughter is getting married in April! So excited.
        It is good to see you again too. Have you been off for a while? I kind of got behind on WP and finally had to delete them all and start over. I’m going to try to be better about staring on top of everyone’s posts!
        How are you? How is your family!


  2. When I was 11 or so years old our city’s botanical gardens started summer ‘Illuminations’. They were a new idea for Wellington (around about 1971) so our family trooped out to see along with so many other families. It was magic…so much so that the word “illuminations” still has an enchanted feel to it. To see nature bathed in coloured light is hauntingly beautiful.


    1. I think it helped that I took those two during twilight. Just dark enough to have it all make sense. The shots I took in the dark were not nearly as pretty, but I think that’s more my doing as well!


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