A Favorite Street

_DSC0550 copy
Union Street, Alexandria, Virginia

A sunny view of a favorite street in a well-loved U.S. city.  Located across the Potomac River from Washington DC,  Alexandria, Virginia is rich in colonial history and a former home to early American luminaries such as George Washington and Robert E. Lee, and it’s where the daring Edmonson sisters became figures of the anti-slavery movement after they tried to escape Alexandria by ship.  In more modern times that sometime resident Jim Morrison of The Doors might have walked along my favorite streets during his high school days only adds to the mystique, and I feel as moved by Alexandria’s layers of history as I do in any city in Europe.

The cheerful scene at the end of a sunny pedestrian pass-through drew me in during a visit during the holiday break.  The sun-kissed 105 S. Union Street address is home to a cozy bakery and coffee shop, Firehook, whose foodie motto is “Living on Bread.”  Yum! It was a shutter finger numbing 29 degrees as I explored the brick lined streets that day, and the thought of the divine scent of baked goods and fresh coffee had me lingering a little longer on one of my favorite streets, in one of my favorite cities.


    1. It was the sunshine that tricked me into thinking it was warmer outside than it was…I can handle any temp as long as it’s above freezing! Thanks for stopping by, and have a great day 3 of the new year.


  1. hi Elisa, because you asked: does your Duet Theme offer a sidebar or a footer? Did you go on your dashboard to appearance, widgets – dragging TEXT? put a html-code into the empty TEXT widget box – it took me one year to manage to drag my soundcloud and flickr into that position – also possible with twitter…


  2. I really do like the new theme. The white is so clean and simple. It’s really nice, Elisa. I’m thinking about ditching the dang palms myself. Nobody would recognize me. Maybe a good thing! Ha-ha! I only posted 17 times on the Parrot last year. You were one of the top commenters. Thank you for sticking by me. It’s gonna’ be a good year. I know it. 🙂

    I like the street shot here. You always manage them so very well. That old eye for composition, I think.


    1. Hi, George. I like the new theme too, but sometimes I DO get sick of the white and want something snazzier. But at the end of the day, I’m a no-clutter kind of girl….drives the kids crazy sometimes. I like your palms, they are calming and I associate them with you…I’d have to do a double take if you changed your background! You say only 17 times, but each post was a pleasure, George, keep ’em coming!


  3. Bonjour Elisa ,

    Merci bien du partage , c’est un peu ton “chez toi” ,
    en soi un bel endroit , pour savourer la page ,
    hors lire sied d’avantage , avec du chocolat ,
    plus la lumière au delà , cette rue paraît sans âge 🙂
    Beaux jours à venir & Amitiés aux tiens


  4. I am really fascinated by street photography, and its various components and storytelling. Enjoyed the scene–well done. Years ago I lived there, and grew up in the Mid-Atlantic. The entire D.C. area is a quick trip for me, and I adore all its offerings. Happy, happy New Year ahead for you.


    1. Hi Sally, I should have known we were from the same parts! I grew up on the Eastern Shore of MD and worked in the DC area for several years (and lived in Old Town) until we moved south. I loved living on Prince Street, and whenever we visit Alexandria, I make a special drive by and salute my old apt. in an converted row house. I always thought we’d move back there, but I think we’re Southerners for good now.


  5. This looks like a painting Miss E!!! Love it! Just heard yesterday my nephew James was picked for the Olympic hockey team, needless to say my whole family is thrilled for him! I know you’re kind of an Olympic “bug” as I always am, but this year I might just watch some hockey… If you do, his last name is vanRiemsdyk U…S…A!!!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Rulands! L

    Sent from my iPad


    1. Laura, that is fabulous! And what a fun Olympics this will be for you and your family…and now me!! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll be sure to watch. Take care and Happy New Year!!


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