A Favorite Street

_DSC0550 copy
Union Street, Alexandria, Virginia

A sunny view of a favorite street in a well-loved U.S. city.  Located across the Potomac River from Washington DC,  Alexandria, Virginia is rich in colonial history and a former home to early American luminaries such as George Washington and Robert E. Lee, and it’s where the daring Edmonson sisters became figures of the anti-slavery movement after they tried to escape Alexandria by ship.  In more modern times that sometime resident Jim Morrison of The Doors might have walked along my favorite streets during his high school days only adds to the mystique, and I feel as moved by Alexandria’s layers of history as I do in any city in Europe.

The cheerful scene at the end of a sunny pedestrian pass-through drew me in during a visit during the holiday break.  The sun-kissed 105 S. Union Street address is home to a cozy bakery and coffee shop, Firehook, whose foodie motto is “Living on Bread.”  Yum! It was a shutter finger numbing 29 degrees as I explored the brick lined streets that day, and the thought of the divine scent of baked goods and fresh coffee had me lingering a little longer on one of my favorite streets, in one of my favorite cities.


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