Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Grand

Typically, lens flare isn’t a desirable effect for landscape photography, but I have to admit that my inner drama queen lives for the occasional delicate prisms that grace a photograph after a shot into the sun. In the following two pictures the colorful flares add an undeniable mystique, which I think is pretty grand!


More Grand Photo Challenge Photography:

The Mockingbird in Me

Restless Jo







  1. Absolutely beautiful shots, particularly the clouds overhead. But I’ll admit my ignorance when it comes to most things photo-wise. What is lens flare? Is it the green circles in both pics???


    1. When you shoot into the sun, light enters the lens and hits the digital sensor, creating those colorful discs or flare from the sun. Some photographers use them more creatively than I did. Lens hoods, those black cones you see on lenses sometimes is supposed to eliminate the flare….but who can remember to bring a lens hood all the time???


      1. Thanks for the info. I recently bought a Sony with all kinds of bells and whistles, and I admit, it is more camera than I need or understand. I’m kind of a point and shoot person, and the best tool I need is picture stabilization for these shaky hands. I do admire wonderful photos from such talented photographers such as yourself.

        Keep up the great work.


  2. These are beautiful, Elisa! I do not mind a little flare from time to time, because as you’ve mentioned, they do add some drama and character to an image. Sometimes they are just what we need to bring out that wow factor 🙂


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