Living and Flying in L.A.

The bonus of being hopelessly stuck in heavy traffic is the opportunity to view your surroundings through fresh eyes. The late afternoon sun washing over the industrial backdrop of the Los Angeles International Airport made the normal clamor and chaos seem quite beautiful.  The scene was a welcome distraction from the endless gridlock, and it also took my mind off the fact that although so very close, the terminal and my flight home were light years away.



    1. Thank you…it was taken through the tinted windshield of my rented KIA suv! And I agree, it’s beautiful! I’ve never appreciated the design of the LAX terminals until now…who knew?!


    1. Nikon is funny, they won’t acknowledge the problem, but have eagerly fixed every part of the camera possible, including replacing the shutter mechanism. Everything seems to be okay, but truly…this is a lesson in not buying the newest release of any product!

      I’ve always wanted to make the drive from L.A. to SFO, I highly encourage you to make the trip so I can live through you vicariously!


  1. Lovely dreamy colours! I can feel home calling. 🙂
    Much different than, returning home from Dad’s the other night, I sat on a bus in snail crawling traffic in the dark. There’d been an accident causing the snarlup, though I didn’t know it at the time, Just have to be grateful I wasn’t that driver. 🙂


    1. Thank you, Jo! Nothing worse than being stuck bumper to bumper and having no idea what’s going on. And I agree, frustration turns to empathy when you pass an accident and get a glance of two unhappy drivers alongside the road. Have a great weekend, and happy travels… always mange to find an adventure somewhere!


  2. I find plane and airport watching is lots of fun. Give me a whole day off, and not having to do anything. Excellent photos of LAX.

    BTW, I posted a couple photos of Hartsfield when I was in ATL back in October. Not as good as these, though.


    1. Oooh, I will check them out, I don’t think I saw that post. Hartsfield’s cell phone lot is right smack along side a busy taxi-way, I could sit there all day watching the aircraft whirl by….makes picking people up at the airport more of an adventure than a chore!


  3. These are great (hope you made it!) and the colors are SO delicious. I’m glad you kept yourself busy creating art – what better way to while away the time? The layers on the last photo are really nice.


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