Through a Glass Darkly

The city of Atlanta, Georgia recently jumped on the ferris wheel bandwagon by plunking an 180 foot sky wheel on a street lot next to the iconic concert venue and former Baptist church, The Tabernacle. This is a pretty area of the city, which is home to Centennial Olympic Park, the former site of the 1996 summer olympics.  Thinking it would be a great opportunity to  capture downtown from a new perspective, I  hopped on board a glass encased capsule for my alloted 4 spins through the Atlanta atmosphere.  It took two rotations for me to realize that the glass was heavily tinted and streaky, and by the third I knew that my photographs were going to look as though they had been processed using a weird new photo effect.  Towards the end of the fourth and last spin, my accidental and hopefully temporary photo filter was born.  Please enjoy  Atlanta Through a Glass Darkly….

Details via SkyViewAtlanta

62 thoughts on “Through a Glass Darkly

      1. I still consider this my best picture…it’s from 2008 and was shot with 35 mm film. I had rolls of 24 and 36 in my pockets and had to swap new film quickly. I had to time the pictures…no motor drive. The quality of 35 mm was incredible though…here is link to photo below:


  1. If you hadn’t told us about the glass, I would’t have noticed. Pictures pretty as ever. Was in a ferris wheel too this weekend, at the Octoberfest in Sittard, the Netherlands. It was a bit smaller (about 80 ft) and had open cars, so no stained glass problems there. I had to deal with 2 women with acrophobia…


  2. Beautiful! You helped me see Atlanta in a new way. Usually when I think of Atlanta, I think of TRAFFIC galore! It’s somewhere I try not to drive in very often. LOL. But your photos help me see the beauty in Atlanta and give me more pleasant thoughts of it. Thank you!


    1. Regina, thank you for your lovely comment. Atlanta is full of surprises, but I agree sometimes the traffic puts a damper on a new adventure! Sorry for the delay in my response…I’m glad you stopped by!


    1. Thank you so much! Atlanta IS wonderful, I need to get downtown more often…there’s always something new to explore.
      Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond, I’m glad you stopped by!


  3. Jolis tours Elisa 😉

    Même au delà du verre , ces reflets d’Atlanta ,
    illuminent l’ici bas , de leurs formes étrangères ,
    en soi le charme opère , l’ensemble ouvrant la voie ,
    à voir sans faire mille pas , d’une toute autre manière.

    Amitié en Lumières


  4. These are fantastic shots.
    I was watching the Patriots vs Atlanta the other night and noticed that ferris wheel. I texted my daughter who was on her way to the game who texted me a picture of it at the same time!
    Looks like my next trip to ATL I will be looking down as well!
    Thanks for sharing, all the BEST!


  5. Great shots, Elisa. I especially like the way the Coke Umbrella’s stand out and are lined up. Thanks for sharing the photos. -Max-


    1. You were so kind to stop by and comment. I agree with you, the details make a shot so much more interesting! I apologize for taking so long to respond, I’ve been playing a lot of catch up these days.
      Take care,

      P.s. thanks for the follow, as well. I’m heading over to visit your blog!


    1. The Coke umbrellas were a favorite, Madhu, thank you! I didn’t mind the smudges but was worried the pictures would be too dark through the tinted windows….all that worry for nothing! 🙂


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