Tomorrow May Rain

Not likely in Southern California, but I couldn’t stop myself from following the sun WHEN I SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING OTHER THINGS. Instead I soaked up the morning light and watched the town wake up and dust off the crumbs from the night before. There was a distinctly festive vibe in the air as final preparations were tweaked for the annual Manhattan Beach Open Volley Ball tournament. I hear it’s all in the sweet spot!

Manhattan Beach is located just west of Los Angeles on the Pacific Ocean. Since it’s within commuting distance to Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles, Manhattan Beach has become a popular residence for professional athletes and people in the entertainment industry. It is an upscale community, and includes some of the most expensive real estate in California, which precludes me from ever living there!   Thankfully Manhattan Beach has a “something for everyone feel” with a charming main street, sunswept neighborhoods, and endless reasons to want to be outdoors. It’s where my inner compass directs me when I’m visiting the Los Angeles area.


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