63 thoughts on “Continuum

    1. Beautiful and EARLY! I was in your neck of the woods, Florida in front of (behind) the Breakers…not too shabby! I tagged along on my husband’s business trip, my first time in Palm Beach since I was in my twenties…seemed a bit more lively then, but maybe I was more lively then!


    1. I wish you had been there, too, Jeannie! How are you? I miss you around these blog parts of town. I hope you are coming back soon, you and your lovely posts are greatly missed!


    1. Thank you, David. I am doing well, back home in Georgia and suffering through ANOTHER thunderstorm and a long power outage. The house just whirred back to life a minute ago. Crazy weather!


  1. Gorgeous and worth it for the 5:30 wake-up. Growing up, my dad would suddenly pull off the road, grab his tripod and camera and then wait until the light was just right. Sometimes we would sit in the car waiting for 30 mins. or so, until the light was just right, and he got the shot. In the end, it makes all the difference.


      1. I understand about uneasy hours. I have had acute insomnia since I was a preteen. I’m either just going to sleep at that time or I’ve been up for several hours! When I was younger, it wasn’t such a big deal, now that I’m older, I’m just lazy.


  2. As a student of photography I have spent HOURS looking at and being lectured about the simplicity and weakness of sunset photography. EVERYONE shoots a sunset. But all the while I was being lectured I have to say I LOVE sunset images. I don’t know why! I like to watch sunrises but shoot sunsets. If I was a more well rounded person I would watch every sunrise shoot all day the simple things of the day and shoot the sunset and blog about what I did that day. . . OH how droll for you but it would be AMAZING for me! Maybe when things settle down what do you think?


      1. HA well I am trying to do my best! Your website by the way is SO clean and graceful. LOVE IT! I hope you had a AMAZING summer!


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