1. Elisa, I forgot about my Cancun story until you replied to my comment. Dean, Kelli and her boyfriend, and I went to Cancun for a few days years ago. The boyfriend and I got plastered and danced the Limbo like two drunken monkeys. Then we staggered down the hotel hallway singing loudly in that beautiful baritone voice of his, “Julio, where art thou, Julio?! Iglesias, you know. They tried to teach me to snorkel. In three feet of water. I got the flippers on and staggered out to plunge in. Well, the flippers were drowning me and, apparently, I thought the water was over my head. I started flailing and screaming, “HELP!”. As I began to drown, the boyfriend swam lazily over to me and said, “Why don’t you just stand up?” Kelli didn’t marry him. πŸ™‚


        1. Oh how funny! I’d have like to have been a fly on a beach chair taking in that scene! The ex boyfriend sounds like a clip, Kelli probably made the right choice…


  1. Sharing the smiles going around your post! Thanks so much for the bright and colorful pail with sand, words to really focus on, too. Making each day a new one, making it count!


    1. You know, I forget that Marley’s music wasn’t all about good times and sunshine. There were serious words of the need for change mixed in with the laid back lyrics. Thanks for your comment and link.


    1. Hi, thank you. I just noticed you may have a new website? I’ll have to check it out, and make sure you’re in my reader. Hope you’re doing okay, today, Patricia.
      Thinking of you,


    1. Oh the joy of being young, free and by the sea! Love the vans, I’m sure everyones eyes were ONLY riveted to the 4 wheeled vehicles, as opposed to the 2 wheeled version wearing bikinis!
      ; )


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