Weekly Photo Challenge ~ UP



I’m a big fan of looking UP. Whether it be in the context of adjusting to a more positive attitude, examining the intricate architectural details of historic rooftops, or being airborne at 30,000 feet, looking up offers many rewards. For this photo challenge I held my iphone flat and low under a flower or tree limbs, and pointed the  lens up toward the sun to experiment with backlit photography. It was challenging to find the right angle of the sun, and then a surprise or two of seeing my face or just my nose peeking into the corner of the shot.  Try experimenting with your smart phone in the sun, its compact size and large flat screen will enable you to use smaller spaces creatively for some really spectacular results.




Have a great week, and enjoy!


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  1. Fantastic shots. While I share your positive attitude, I do tend to look down a lot for my photographs (I like finding good stuff in the dirt 🙂 ) Lately though, I’ve been trying to break out of that. You’ve inspired me here!


    1. Ha, it’s all a crap shoot for me…up in the air or down in the dirt. It’s all a great, inspiring adventure! I love it all. Thanks for the encouragement and for sharing your beautiful art.


  2. Ah, these are really wonderful, Elisa. I love the sun backlighting. The little flower had a great little leaf for you too! I saw the first and thought you’d taken to crawling underneath flowers! I was not surprised, but, alas, nothing as exciting as that. 🙂 You are funny. And really good with that phone too. I like both of these very much.


    1. Thanks George! I just read your comment regarding Old Car City. It seems to me I’ve heard of that place, but had no idea how close it is to where I live. I checked-out Mike Moats’ post and was blown away…what fabulous shots of those old relics. I loved the one shot of all the photographers lined-up with their tripods. I’m going to look into it and grab a friend for a road trip. Wish you could come!


    1. Thank you, I’m going to try it again with all the spring flowers bursting out of the ground, and see how it goes. The problem is, it’s been so windy around here lately. I need a little less atmospheric action!


  3. Great photos! I don’t look up often enough. In the summer, under a canopy of trees in my backyard, I occasionally get a chance to sit in my hammock which gives me no other choice but to look up. Every time I am amazed at the perspective! Beautiful literally and figuratively!


  4. The first photo is amazing! and it suits the theme well. =)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking the posts; glad to tell you that we are okay
    And I enjoy your blog and its beautiful photos more than ever.
    Keep up the good work!!



  5. Wow, Elisa! You shot these with your cell phone?? What kind of app are you using for it or did you just use the one that came with the phone?
    These are stunning, especially the flower. Great job!


    1. Thank you, Darla. Actually I was using the plain old camera for these shots, just trying to manipulate the direction of the sun in the viewfinder. Only a few turned out how I wanted them too, but I’m okay with that!!
      Take care,


  6. Wow Elisa ! These two photos are really beautiful ! I’m having difficulties with backlit photos and hope to be able someday to capture the sun rays like you did in your first photo, which is stunning !


  7. Hello! I have just nominated you for an award! Congratulations! -http://shooken.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/super-sweet-blog-award/


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