~ for the four legged divas, a unique boutique



A whimsical pair of pet store windows were a bright spot on a cloudy day. Located in the trendy Virginia Highland section of Atlanta, “Glamour Paws” caters to the discriminating crowd of pet owner. It’s an undeniably cheerful little place, loaded with everything you could think of for the four-legged crowd, and comes fully equipped with a play area for doggie day care to boot. I lingered at the windows for a few minutes, enjoying the creative displays and had visions of the joyful romping that must go on inside.




  1. We have a place like that here where I live and having a puppy, I love it. The treat case is filled with “cupcakes” and decorative “cookies” and it all looks good enough for people to eat!


    1. I hear you! It hadn’t opened yet, so I was off the hook. Nothing worse than getting home and opening shopping bags full of things that make you say, “what on earth was I thinking.”


      1. That would be me. πŸ˜‰ Of course, I do that on the internet regularly. I receive packages that I have no recollection of ordering but I always know it will be something I want.


  2. Really cute. Although South Africans are pet mad too, I find Americans are definitely more so and OTT in most places. I had some good giggles there this trip – 1 little one was dressed up in Harley Davidson gear with the leather hat and glasses to match… swinging next to my granddaughter in the park. And his owner insisted I take a pic of his Greatness (dog’s name) as it wasn’t fair that I was taking just of baby Stella :).


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