The Flatiron South

Atlanta is not known for being a “walking” city, and perhaps unfairly, is often criticized for demolishing too many of its historic structures.  It does sprawl over a large area and the bustling interstate highways divides the city in half, but there are interesting sections that are well worth exploring.  I took advantage of  a gorgeous late autumn morning and walked the downtown business district, enjoying views of the elegant historic Flatiron building.


The Flat Iron Building, formally known as the English-American Building, was the second skyscraper built in Atlanta and the oldest one still standing. The building is in downtown Atlanta in the oldest part of the business district. Nearby attractions include the Georgia State Capitol, the Fairlie-Poplar Historic District, the Georgia Dome, CNN Center, the Georgia Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park.
The eleven-story Flat Iron Building was built in 1897, 4 years before its more famous cousin in New York, and didn’t take that building’s nickname until 1916. The name comes from the triangular shape of the building, thought to resemble an old-fashioned iron. The building was designed by Bradford Gilbert, a New York architect who was a pioneer of the steel-frame skyscraper. The structure is in the “Chicago Style” of architecture, characterized by its steel frame and large, street-level windows.


A pretty street scene on Broad Street.  The West side of the “iron” is on the left.


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