The Art of Condensation

The fluctuating temperatures plunged our garage into a greenhouse effect the other morning, covering the windows with a thick layer of condensation. I took advantage of the steamy conditions and focused on a favorite rose that was making a dreamy climb along the window frame. In love with the results, I thought I’d share my “condensation art.”


  1. I love condensation and frost on glass too. I remember one time, driving behind a city bus. I thought there was a beautiful abstract painting being displayed on the back. It turned out to be snow and ice caked on the back window. You captured some great images.


    1. You know, I really like these too, and think I’m going to try to print them and arrange them just as they are in the collage. As for selling? I just don’t think there’s a market for Elisa originals! But thank you so much for your vote of confidence, Jeannie, you are the best!!


    1. Oh, Cara, the trouble we could get into! I say we start a new photo challenge. Week one could be “jaundiced toenails,” but then week two would have to be crusty bloodshot eyes! Can you imagine? The entire Worpress world would be turned upside down.

      A million times thank you for your encouragement and support, and for your wonderful sense of humor!



      1. Ha ha…. I have just had a one year old staying with me for three weeks so as you can imagine my windows have a new miniature had print pattern about 2 foot high…. CSI would have no trouble in catching him πŸ™‚


    1. You are so nice, Patricia! I don’t think a gallery would have me, but I do think that I’m actually going to have these framed and printed. We’ll see how they look. (I’ll let you know!)


  2. It’s amazing how much beauty and art we can generate by merely being observant and creative.
    Inspiration can come from anywhere and through anything, as long as we are sensitive and open-minded to observation.
    I love your condensation art!


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