Like a Twig on the Shoulders of a Mighty Stream.


Had I been equipped with waders, I’d have gladly splashed into the middle of this stream of indigo blue, and followed it joyfully until it ended in a puddle or grew into a river, most likely in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. ย For then I would have truly known what it was like to have gone with the flow, found that life is a journey and time is a river, and in the end, discovered what I knew all along ~ that life is good.


“Like a twig” quote by John Candy

“Life is a Journey” byย Jim Butcher

52 thoughts on “Like a Twig on the Shoulders of a Mighty Stream.

  1. *sigh* I think that, if, when, all of this is over and I can finally breathe again, I will not waste a single moment to know gratitude. The climbs will be embraces, the setbacks — reason to fight harder. Stress is and will be a thing of the past. But above all else, if I can survive this, and come out in one piece, I doubt there is anything I can’t survive.

    Love to you,
    ~ C


    1. Oh, Cara, I do worry about you. I wish I could put a blanket over you, tuck you in for the night and WILL your troubles away so you’d be whole in the morning.

      Take good care,


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