The last glass standing from our recent Thanksgiving feast.  Unseasonably warm temperatures and a close your eyes and turn-your-face-toward-the-sun kind of sunshine inspired our decision to move the entire dinner, dishes and all the trimmings, outside to the patio table.  We also ditched the kitchen oven and cooked the turkey on our gas grill, which included the comforting male ritual of standing in the way of the chef, beer in hand.   I was so very thankful for the beautiful day, the enjoyable time spent with my family and for the fine memory.  I am also thankful that my daughter captured the peaceful evening atmosphere with this photograph.


    1. Thank you, Patricia! Actually, I think my daughter is the talented photographer of the group. She has such a young, fresh take on things. She inspires me to look at life differently.

      Happy Monday!


  1. You must tell your daughter how beautiful this photo is ! I really love it.
    I’m glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving πŸ™‚


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