Back to the Garden

A few months ago my friend Dana and I visited a woodland garden, Gibb’s Garden, located about an hour from Atlanta in the North Georgia Mountains. Newly opened to the public, a local landscape architect followed his dream to share his private 300 acre estate with the public. After reading about this 32 year wonder in the making, we decided to make the drive one Saturday morning to experience the gardens for ourselves. What we found was breathtaking, from the lovely tree-lined entrance to the 16 themed gardens located throughout the property. There was a relaxing cafΓ© patio with a view, a Monet inspired bridge, acres and acres of naturalized beauty, and of course a friendly cat whose photograph I included in an earlier post, “A Secret Garden.” Among the many events planned annually is the Daffodil Festival, where patrons can immerse themselves in the gorgeous results of the planting of 3,000,000 bulbs over the past 20 years. This is 50 acres of nurtured joy that I cannot wait to experience this spring, and a future blog post that I look forward sharing.

The keeper of the garden.

The Hydrangea Garden

The Yin and Yang of bringing the woods into the garden, and the garden into the woods.

The Serpentine Walk

A rainbow of creeping moss.

The Estate House

The delicate climb of a vine.


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