1. As we pack up from our beach vacations, we always treat our shell collection like precious cargo. It’s so nice to see them around the house and yard, isn’t it? I’d love to see your shells on your blog….I’ll be sure to view them with margarita in hand!


  1. Hey pretty lady!
    Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I’m still in recovery mode…stuffed, exhausted and grouchy. I’ve been acting like a grinch.
    Holidays just aren’t the same when kids are all grown up. I miss having little ones around the house getting all excited about Christmas…sorry, not sure why I’m unloading this on you on your blog?
    Anyway, your photo is just amazing! Yes, I’ll have a margarita or two or three…. πŸ™‚


    1. Please unload anytime you like, we can be grinches together and complain over our virtual margaritas. I hear you about the Christmas holidays, and found myself getting annoyed with people who had their lights up the day after Thanksgiving. I think I was jealous that they were finished already….my to do list is so long!
      I’m sure your Christmas will be wonderful, lack of wee ones and all. Just think, some day we’ll be talking about our pesky grandkids!!
      Have a great day, Jeannie!


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