Dollie Delaney

My daughter and I discovered a small local cemetery last weekend while we were out and about and should have been doing other things.  We were exploring for only a few minutes when we realized that it was very old, and that there was a disproportionate amount of infant graves nestled among the others.  Little Dollie Delaney touched the world in 1892 and spent a mere nine days with her parents before leaving as quickly as she came.  The wound of her passing must have been enormous, and surely one that never healed.  Perhaps the biggest challenge was convincing people that she existed, for I’m guessing she lived an entire lifetime in her parent’s eyes.   A giant hug for my daughter that day, for feeling the great sadness in the loss of a child, and hopefully a lesson learned that although our time on earth is fleeting, it is important to know that everyone leaves a mark and that they mattered.


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