The sun drifts low into the horizon marking the end of the day and a twilight of sorts for an old barn and the small clapboard house that sits nestled beside it.  Sitting on a prominent corner the small farm is a welcome sight to anyone who approaches town and to many is a symbol of hard work and community.  Hand painted signs as rickety as the structures post a warning to keep away.  Others indicate that the land has been sold, and the headlines announce it as the site for a new library.  A range of emotion from anger to melancholy turn to acceptance that at least this charming corner of land, in its new form, will still represent a sense of community and a welcome to all.


    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I do like the soft focus for this property, but I think I like using it a little too much in general. I must like looking at the world that way.

      Have a great Tuesday!



  1. Elisa, what a beautiful photo and beautifully written tribute to the barn and land. While it is sad to lose an old institution such as this landmark, I am happy that it is being transformed in a library, something uplifting for the community. Maybe you can show us after it is completed? ~Patricia


  2. A stunning picture matched by lovely prose, Elisa. You have such a gift for pouring art through several mediums. Just curious, do ever plan on putting a book together? A collection of your photos and commentary and stories? I can see it on my coffee table. πŸ˜‰

    ~ Cara


    1. Cara, I was walking on air after I read your comment. I consider you to be one of the best writers out there and I have to tell you that reading your blog has inspired me to be better at it myself. Writing does not come naturally to me and it takes me so loooong sometimes, that’s why I limit myself to shorter pieces! If a book comes to fruition, your name will be on my dedication page.

      Thank you for the encouragement.



  3. Poetry in vision…
    Is there such a phrase? Well, I just made it up cuz that’s what came to mind reading your narration to that gorgeous photo.
    Elisa, that means you are so freakin’ talented! I never talk this way! πŸ˜†


    1. Oh geez, thank you so much Jeannie! Every now and then I can pull a writing rabbit out of my hat. It doesn’t come easily to me which makes your compliment even more special to me. πŸ™‚


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