Lady Luck!

It’s been said the garden spider brings luck to the inhabitants of the home where she chooses to weave her delicate web.   I’ve been waiting for my luck to turn ever since I snapped the photograph, but maybe my good fortune was being able to experience the joy in capturing the moment itself.   Happy weekend!

63 thoughts on “Lady Luck!

  1. We have a few of those in my back garden! I might have to try and push my luck and see if I can have a word! We also have a few red backs and I guess they bring luck on you when they don’t bite you! ๐Ÿ™‚ have a great weekend


    1. The same thoughts were running through my head as I was taking its picture…please don’t move spider, and especially don’t climb towards my face since it’s so close to yours….


    1. They always scared me to death until a neighbor once saw a web in our yard and proclaimed I would be blessed with a life of good luck. I’m a believer now! Maybe that spider will bestow upon me a trip to Italy this autumn….now THAT would be lucky!! Have a great weekend, Naomi!


  2. Now, Elisa, I opened that email and out jumped a dinner-plate sized writing SPIDER!! EEEK! He’s a beauty, but lordy, he made me jump! I got one on a crinoline petticoat once. When I took the petticoat off, he fell onto the floor and about sent me into a fit. I dropped my sister’s dictionary on him. The spot is still on the back of the book! Fall is full of these monsters. You captured a perfect image of one. You can have him, my dear! ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. George, your story made me laugh out loud. Your spider probably confused the crinoline for his own web and was making himself right at home. But dinner-plate sized? That’s shot gun material!


  3. I think the spider, and the web and the colours are absolutely beautiful.
    But I feel sorry for the spider, that no-one seems to like her, she’s just going about her business in the ecological chain, not hurting anyone – not polluting the planet, not creating global warming etc etc!!!!!


    1. Me too! Although, when they’re attached to a web I feel safe. It’s when they’re crawling around on their long hairy legs that they freak me out!! And don’t even get me started about the scorpions….


  4. When we were kids growing up in Australia we lived in the bush and there were so many spiders that came out at night that we used to squish dozens of them when we roller skated around the patio. Didn’t think much of it then but now it strikes me as pretty damned disgusting.


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