A Rocking Run

A few weeks ago during a walk in the park, I noticed a runner in the distance heading my way.  Actually, I heard him before I could make out his features.  A middle-aged man jogged into view and as he approached with his head high and his eyes focused ahead, I heard that he was singing.  Loudly.  And with no inhibition.  Not humming or lip syncing, but singing out loud with the soulfulness that only someone who feels alright with the world can do.  As he rocked it down the path I turned, smiling, and watched until he faded from view.

Such moments give me a rush of joy and a memory imprint that can last for years.   I don’t have an official bucket list, and what I have isn’t limited to exotic destinations, so when I sit down to put my dreams to paper  this will be in my top ten.  To be in that great place, so high on life and in tune with my inner self, that I will run with purpose, sing out loud and with abandon.  Springsteen?  Aretha?  The Stones?  Not sure of the song, but it will be rocking.

48 thoughts on “A Rocking Run

  1. Love this beautiful shot and your beautiful words even more! My mom was like the runner—a free spirit who would sing while she cooked, cleaned, and even when my siblings and I had our friends over. We rolled our eyes a lot back then not realizing that it was only a matter of time before we would become just like our dear mother, singing our way into adulthood. Now it’s our children who are rolling their eyes—at least for now 🙂


    1. It’s funny how we “get” our parents as soon as we pass the age of 25. You Mother was wise to understand that feeling the music is one of the keys to happiness!
      Nice to hear from you, as always.


  2. Elisa,

    First of all, I love your posts. For one such as myself — easily distracted — you get quite to the point, and almost if not always have a gorgeous visual stimulus to capture our eyes. Beyond that, you always leave me with something to think about.

    Secondly, are you a fan of the show Friends? I ask because there is an episode where Rachel asks Phoebe to join her on a run through Central Park; however, Phoebe’s running posture is so ridiculously absurd — flailing arms and legs — that Rachel, mortified to be see with her, no longer wants to run with her. The episode goes on and eventually Phoebe realizes Rachel is embarrassed. After Phoebe tells Rachel how much fun it is to run the way she does, that it’s freeing, liberating and brings her joy, the two stop running together. Later on the two girls literally “run” into one another running the exact same way — Phoebe’s goofy way. A great episode! All of that to say — goodness, I am long winded today! — it’s absurd of us to deprive ourselves of joys if the only thing standing in our way is someone’s perception of us.

    So, sing it, girl, and l may just join you. 😉

    ~ Cara


    1. Oh, we are SO on the same wavelength! That is one of my favorite episodes of Friends, a close second to “When Phoebe Tries to Teach Joey to Learn to Speak French!” I was going to use a picture of Phoebe on her crazy run through Central Park, but such an image doesn’t exist, if you can believe it. Just a clip on YouTube, which results in a very blurry picture. If I can pull it off, I’ll send the blurry pic to you anyway, it will make your day!!


          1. Never! The Hubs and I watch at least 2 episodes each night before bed. I can’t think of anything better than going to sleep with a laugh on your mouth. 😉
            Happy dreams, Elisa!


    1. Ha, that’s a good question! He was a pretty conservative looking guy, and had the look of a businessman who had just shed his suit to grab a run between meetings. His belting out a tune was the unexpected part…it was definitely a rock song, though. Loved it!!

      Have a great weekend!


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