A Rocking Run

A few weeks ago during a walk in the park, I noticed a runner in the distance heading my way.  Actually, I heard him before I could make out his features.  A middle-aged man jogged into view and as he approached with his head high and his eyes focused ahead, I heard that he was singing.  Loudly.  And with no inhibition.  Not humming or lip syncing, but singing out loud with the soulfulness that only someone who feels alright with the world can do.  As he rocked it down the path I turned, smiling, and watched until he faded from view.

Such moments give me a rush of joy and a memory imprint that can last for years.   I don’t have an official bucket list, and what I have isn’t limited to exotic destinations, so when I sit down to put my dreams to paper  this will be in my top ten.  To be in that great place, so high on life and in tune with my inner self, that I will run with purpose, sing out loud and with abandon.  Springsteen?  Aretha?  The Stones?  Not sure of the song, but it will be rocking.


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