The Wish Tree

My friend Dana and I drove into Atlanta last weekend to check out the annual Decatur Book Festival, one of the largest independent book festivals in the United States.  I expected to see many national and local authors, a few writing workshops, lots of books, live music and some amazing local food demonstrations.  What I did not expect to see was the “Wish Tree,”  a low limbed Magnolia dotted  with dangling white tags scrawled with wishes from passers-by.  It was a popular spot at the festival, with many wandering around under the leafy canopy reading, laughing and looking inspired.  One of my favorites was a wish for “peace, love and shoes” because, well….I love all three!    

There were wishes of the fearless…

Some were playful and romantic.

A  wish from far away lands.

Some wishes were very wise.

Which made this one especially important.

There was a touching tribute.

 And the wishes that inspired.

Plus the universal childhood wish:

And finally….

Me too!


    1. I know, Boomie. Most of the wishes were light hearted and happy, and then there’d be one that was so real. His whole situation became a slow movie that ran through my brain. Maybe just writing it down made him feel better.


  1. Oh, this is waaay too cool! (yeah, I still use that word “cool.”)
    I have a wish jar at home….only two wishes in there… for both of my kids to be happy!
    Have a great day! I do love the one about the shoes! πŸ˜‰


    1. You would love the town of Decatur, a must visit when you come back in October. I just saw your note…having trouble with my inbox on the “cloud” on my mac. Hope you are feeling much, much better!



  2. After reading all these wishes, I too wish that, each of these wishes would come true. Very touching and interesting post. Thanks a lot for sharing these beautiful wishes, Elisa.


  3. I love the line: “I wish for a life filled with peace, love, and shoes.” I would like to expand my shoe horizons–I own two pairs. It took me awhile to figure out how to leave a comment with this blog format, although it seems like a good one for photo blogging.


    1. I hereby grant your wish of new shoes. Let me know if that works! Thanks for stopping by and for letting me know about the comment problem. I like this theme, but it’s not an easy one to administer. I appreciate the input!


  4. Beautiful post, Elisa! When we lived in Japan we always visited a similar sort of tree at one of the major shrines Tokyo…we took some really great pics there (someday I’ll have to dig them out of storage and post)…That heartbreaking one is just that – got me teary.


  5. Ah wouldn’t that be wonderful!
    In India we have sacred trees that people wind strings around and make a wish. Have seen similar in China too and in Turkey a tree full of ‘evil eyes’! Haven’t seen any like these though! Great pics πŸ™‚


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