Venetian Chimney Pots

From the earth to the sky, Venice is an architectural feast for the eyes – even the chimney’s are fabulous.  Why the shape?  In ancient times many of the roofs were covered in straw, so that a simple spark would cause a fire. For this reason many chimneys were built with a truncated cone or inverted flue making it possible to cool the sparks.  Next time you’re in Venice take a wine break at an outdoor café, daydream a little and enjoy the view, and take in the intricate skyline accented by the chimney pots.


  1. I stopped again to see if you were back yet. You know, I remembered this photo because the chimney pots remind me of “Alice in Wonderland”. I thought of it after I left the blog. Big chess pieces or crowns? I dunno’, but they do have a storybook feel. It’s a wonderful photograph.


    1. You’re right, they do look like something straight out of a fairy tale, don’t they. But so does the rest of Venice, when you think about it! Thanks for checking in….I’m dipping my toes in the blogging waters as we speak! I need to get my creative juices flowing – might have a glass of wine first. 😉


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