Brightly Advertised

A showy sunflower is doing exactly as nature intended, advertising brightly to entice pollinators. The more vivid the color and the taller the flower, the more likely  it will attract many bees and other pollinators.  The reward is sweet nectar!  As it is gathered, the pollen of the flower sticks to the bee and is carried to other flowers, inducing pollination.

This picture was taken in a local field where row upon row of sunflowers are planted every year.  The owners use the good old-fashioned honor system, pick what you like and leave a donation in the can.  Not only a busy place for bees and flower customers, it’s a popular destination every season for photographers, many taking pictures of high school students for their senior year portraits.  It’s a festive summer scene and always fun to wander around and take it all in.



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