Brightly Advertised

A showy sunflower is doing exactly as nature intended, advertising brightly to entice pollinators. The more vivid the color and the taller the flower, the more likely  it will attract many bees and other pollinators.  The reward is sweet nectar!  As it is gathered, the pollen of the flower sticks to the bee and is carried to other flowers, inducing pollination.

This picture was taken in a local field where row upon row of sunflowers are planted every year.  The owners use the good old-fashioned honor system, pick what you like and leave a donation in the can.  Not only a busy place for bees and flower customers, it’s a popular destination every season for photographers, many taking pictures of high school students for their senior year portraits.  It’s a festive summer scene and always fun to wander around and take it all in.



  1. Well, now, I see BOKEH. Lots of it and it looks wonderful. The colors so compliment the flower. That flower is perfectly focused! This is a good, really good, photo, Elisa! And you even got the bees! 🙂 Home run, I think.


    1. A friend of mine had been showing me how to take macros with the aperture open as far as it would allow. I forgot and left the camera set that way when I took this picture. Ha, an informal photography lesson that paid off!!



    1. Ok. Head up 400 towards Alpharetta and take the McFarland exit West and drive until you reach Highway 9. Turn right onto 9 and keep driving 5 or 10 miles or so. It’s on the right you won’t be able to miss it. I was there about 2 weeks ago and they were already peaking, so you’d better hurry!!


  2. Sunflower is my favorite flower. The best things is that it attracts birds like Parrot and others. So it makes the view of garden in morning simply beautiful. Thanks a lot for sharing this beautiful picture.


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