A Tale of Old

Enchanting is not a word too many passers-by would use to describe the long abandoned “M&L Motors,” but the early morning light and soft shadows do give this old wreck a charming fairy tale quality.   Vines create delicate artwork as they creep up the walls, bees ignore the neglect and get busy, flowers bloom and dainty weeds sway in the breeze.  If there was an antagonist in this tale, he would arrive slithering through the dark, dank hole at the bottom of the framed doors.  A cool but sour breeze floats from within toward the light and the imagination runs wild.  A braver soul would have stuck their camera in the opening and recorded the contents that lay within.  Was that the sound of movement, or of my heart beating?  This story needed a hero, but my very real fear of something (someone!) grabbing my hand, or say, catching sight of a corpse, kept me rooted to the spot a couple of feet away from the door.   Maybe a brave prince or princess wielding a big stick will arrive another day, but for now this fairy tale is over…

Charm among the ruins.

Soft shadows linger over useless iron bars.

A busy corner.

Graceful weeds growing toward the light.

Break on through to the other side…

The ominous black hole.



    1. Ha, while we were there (I had a friend with me thank goodness) some kids drove by in a convertible and yelled, “your stupid!” Besides reducing us to giggles for 5 minutes…we realized they were right!


  1. I love that you see the beauty in the details.
    (And, I know that someone/something would have grabbed your lens and pulled you into the house. I know, next time we bring Annie or Kate.)


  2. Lovely photography, Elisa.

    This is a worthwhile project. The whole house likely needs to be gutted, but I’ve seen many home makeover shows where there are able to salvage wood and make flooring from it, or use mosaics from windows and tiles. I bet this dilapidated shack is rich with story — it would be a shame to tear it down, without saving some of its history.


    1. You are right, Cara, there are probably some interesting pieces in this building that can be salvaged for another project. I also wonder what history lies behind the doors of old abandoned structures.

      Thanks for commenting, hope you are doing well!



  3. Lovely narrative! You pulled me right in with your words, painting a classic tale of good vs. evil; light vs dark, etc., and your images are wonderful! I am a lover of nostalgia and all things vintage and am always fascinated by the history of things. I’d like to think that if this old house could talk it would have a fascinating story!


    1. Thank you Marie! I have to admit that the photographs cast this building in a much better light than reality. Maybe I should have used the frog transforming into a prince analogy!


  4. You always have a magical way of turning something that most would walk by into a fantastic little adventure and story! I bet you were / are great at the made up bed time stories! 🙂


      1. Yeah, I have been a little absent and the WP people could not get my new site to plug into the reader (yet) so I have decided to begin posting on both sites for the foreseeable future and plugging back into the stream. Hopefully with the wonders of technology I will be back in one place with all my work and posts in the near future 🙂


  5. Oh, you brave soul! I would have ran (very quickly) away from this house. I can just imagine hundreds of rats lurking inside to surprise some unsuspecting victim. You sure do have a way of capturing the light to otherwise a dreary subject….now, that’s talent! I’m so impressed!!


    1. Well, I didn’t mention in my story that I had a friend with me who lent me her amazing camera lens. Thank goodness because I never know what I’m doing half the time! It’s all fun, though and that’s the important part. I’m thankful that I’ve gotten to know you through the blog world because you are part of the good and fun parts of blogging.

      Have a beautiful night!



    1. Ha, I could almost have handled a snake….it was the tought of a cold gnarled hand grabbing mine and pulling until my body slammed against the door that terrified me the most. Talk about an over-active imagination!!!


  6. Kinda creepy! We have something similar in the country, in the middle of nowhere–the sign says oil and lube, I think. I thought it was an interesting photo subject, but was too chicken as well, to get very close! Great photos!


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