A Tale of Old

Enchanting is not a word too many passers-by would use to describe the long abandoned “M&L Motors,” but the early morning light and soft shadows do give this old wreck a charming fairy tale quality.   Vines create delicate artwork as they creep up the walls, bees ignore the neglect and get busy, flowers bloom and dainty weeds sway in the breeze.  If there was an antagonist in this tale, he would arrive slithering through the dark, dank hole at the bottom of the framed doors.  A cool but sour breeze floats from within toward the light and the imagination runs wild.  A braver soul would have stuck their camera in the opening and recorded the contents that lay within.  Was that the sound of movement, or of my heart beating?  This story needed a hero, but my very real fear of something (someone!) grabbing my hand, or say, catching sight of a corpse, kept me rooted to the spot a couple of feet away from the door.   Maybe a brave prince or princess wielding a big stick will arrive another day, but for now this fairy tale is over…

Charm among the ruins.

Soft shadows linger over useless iron bars.

A busy corner.

Graceful weeds growing toward the light.

Break on through to the other side…

The ominous black hole.



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