Holding On

She was holding on, and I was holding on….to the cable car after climbing one of San Francisco’s steepest hills, packed in with dozens of others also keeping their balance while enjoying the brilliant sunset.  The car paused briefly before lurching downhill, giving me a second to let go and take a picture of  this pensive moment.



    1. This past August. I was visiting with a friend while our daughters attended a lacrosse camp at Stanford. We had so much fun! Way before I ever dreamed I would start a blog!


    1. Oooohhhh, I don’t want to jinx myself by telling you how many sunny visits I’ve had to San Francisco! I guess I’d take rain and fog if it meant that I would be going back any time soon!


    1. Jeannie you are so nice!! I think your hub is extremely talented. Really! You tell him I said so – the pictures he takes of you are superb. I swear, half the time I take a good shot it’s just dumb luck!! I’m going to keep working on it though….
      Have a great night!


    1. Yes! It was last summer. San Fran is a favorite! Have things settled down since graduation, I hope? What am I thinking….now it’s preparations for college and decorating the dorm room, right?


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