A Bright Eye

Brilliant!  I was swept up a bit in the excitement over the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and went on a hunt for pictures from a long ago trip to London.  This panoramic of the Eye brought back great memories of introducing our kids to everything British, along with a slight bit of queasiness thinking about our ride.

Some interesting facts about the London Eye:

  • The London Eye (previously known as the Millennium Wheel) was one of the structures built-in Britain to celebrate the new Millennium. The other structure was the Millennium Dome.
  • On a clear sunny day, a person inside the London Eye can see up to a distance of 40 km, as far as the Windsor Castle.
  • It is the most popularly visited paid attraction in all of Great Britain.
  • The official capacity of each of the 32 capsules is 25 persons. This means that the London Eye can carry  800 people in every revolution.
  • It takes 30 minutes for one ride. The passengers can get off and climb on without stopping the wheel.
  • The total weight of the wheel is estimated to be around 2100 tons, with each capsule weighing 10 tons.
  • The current height of the London Eye is 135 m making it the fourth tallest structure in London.
  • The spindle that holds the wheel, and the hub rotating around the spindle weighs about 330 tons, which is 20 times the weight of the Big Ben.
  • A sweet fact: since February 2004, it is kept open the night of Valentine’s, so that couples can enjoy a romantic ride and a lovely view of London.


    1. Thank you! Believe it or not, there was talk of an “Eye” being installed in downtown Atlanta. I’m not sure of the view…

      Thanks for including the link!



  1. Great pic. I was forced to endure the hours of pageantry on TV just to keep the peace. I did nod off occasionally much to my wifes annoyance 🙂 I tried


    1. I was a wreck, and I’m usually pretty adventurous. Our kids were pretty young and I tried to make them stand in the middle of the capsule away from the glass….that lasted about 3 seconds. Every time they took a step my stomach was in my throat. What a wimp!


  2. Elisa, I love this photo! Did you use any sort of resolution?

    Wow . . . I had no idea — about any of that! Your posts always succeed in making me a touch smarter. Trivial facts, more than useful ones, are my guilty pleasure. I refer to knowledge such as this as “Snapple-cap wisdom” LOL. This is the sort of stuff that will either win you a bajillion dollars, or make people look at you like you’re insane. Either way, I think it’s a win-win!

    Happy weds to you, dear friend!

    ~ C


  3. Thank you. This was one of those pictures that I almost didn’t post. It’s a scanned picture from a panoramic camera taken 10 years ago…not very good quality, but a fun picture all the same. I used an iphone app called camera plus for the special effect, called “Wonka” believe it or not! I’ve had a great Wednesday, thank you, and I’m looking forward to a smooth Thursday. Hope you have one too!



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