Colorful Curb Appeal

Old Town Alexandria Virginia is a captivating area located just across the Potomac River from Washington, D.C.  Bursting with both historical and bohemian charm, it was founded over 250 years ago and its seaport played an important role in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  Thomas Jefferson was a regular diner at the local taverns, and George Washington and Robert E. Lee both lived and worshipped there.  Much more recently, I was a resident for a few years while based out of nearby National Airport during my airline career.

What attracted me to Alexandria was the contrast of its colonial history and the originality the present community has stamped on the neighborhood.  It has an interesting collection of arts centers, eclectic shops and restaurants, and rows of historic homes alongside quirky nooks and crannies.  I loved the energy of living here and often times simply walking down the street to the waterfront was all the entertainment I needed to fill my social calendar.

what mysteries lie beyond the garden gate?

colorful versus neutral

 an aptly named dress shop

my favorite shade of turquoise

a tiny toy treasure trove

contrasting neighbors

like a ship in a bottle

a new angle on tradition

a neighborhood organizer

a walk through history

On a visit back to the Alexandria area last weekend I had a few hours to walk around to see what’s new and what’s still old.  What I discovered is that it is still as lovely as ever.


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