My Town

Although we live in a bustling community of large subdivisions and ever-expanding schools, there are still remnant’s of our little Southern city’s charming country past.

This intersection of antique shops and restaurants is known as Crabapple Corners.

A Victorian beauty turned home design shop.

A weathered barn for Mike.

There is not much left of the story of the old Holcombe’s Machine Shop except for the weathered hand-lettered sign.

A familiar cottage...

See Rock City!  A local tribute to Chattanooga’s Lookout Mountain.

Not quite Alcatraz…..a charming former one-cell jailhouse.

58 thoughts on “My Town

    1. You are so right! When I was taking these pictures I was thinking the same thing, and how lucky we are to live in such a pretty area with lots of character. Thanks for your comment!!

      Have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Interesting barn with lots of character = Mike Fiveson!!

      I have enjoyed your blog so much. Everything you post is full of thought and each picture inspiring. I pass a beautiful old structure and I think of your work!

      Thank you for that!!


  1. Oh, Elisa, all of these pictures are so abundantly charming. I have to say, though, my favorite was the Victorian house turned design shop. Everything from the lawn to the porch, to the leaves strewn about the grass — such time and care went into refurbishing this little gem.And to carry on business in such splendor and urbane atmosphere, oh, it wouldn’t feel like work!

    Did you snap these yourself?


    1. Thank you Cara, your comment was music to my ears because I feel the same way!

      And yes, I did snap these shots. It took me a couple of days and made me realize that taking pictures of public and private buildings isn’t for the faint of heart! A little nerve wracking, and left me with a new found respect for the profession!!

      Have a wonderful weekend, and take care of that foot!!


      1. Oh, yes, I can imagine what it must have been looking standing there with your equipment, trying not to be distracted by the bustle going on around you, and waiting on light and angles. Wow . . . Well, you have some beautiful pictures to show for all your hard work, my friend!


  2. Wonderful photos Elisa!
    I could have sworn this is my town! πŸ™‚ I love big town hustle & bustle (shopping & restaurants), but this is why I love where I am….a quaint & inviting feel of a small town. Happy weekend!


  3. When I started blogging I had no idea that I would be meeting so many funny, interesting and talented people. I love the support and the friendships that are formed along the way in the blog world. And you are right, Mike has been a great role model and inspiration to us all!!

    Thank you thank you for your nice comment!



      1. I love the feel of these older towns. I like the one-road towns and one-stoplight passes in the middle of the Midwest somewhere. Soon-to-be-gone are the days of small town America.


  4. This is my favorite photo blog that you have done!

    You photographed my favorite spots and captured them with your artful eye.

    I never new the corner store was a former jail.

    Where is the cottage with the green/teal door?

    And I have tried to get a good photo of Holcombe’s Machine Shop but the traffic is tricky & risky. And I never found a way to capture the charm.

    So, thanks! I love your blog!


    1. Thank you Dana! That is high praise coming from you. It must be weird to be reading blogs and see your neighborhood go flying by!

      The cottage is located across from “Westminster” down from Vintage Pizza….you wouldn’t remember it because it’s completely abandoned and overgrown. You’ll remember when you drive by!



  5. Beautiful, thoughtful photographs, Elisa. The machine shop could have looked really ugly, but you make it charming. I think that’s what it’s all about, don’t you? I always marvel at your view. A house door is not just a house door for you. You are a southern mystery writer.


    1. Thank you! Now that spring has come, the cottage is complete overgrown…a stranger would never know what charms await. Sigh. I do hope they don’t tear it down!


  6. Oh Elisa, I love your town! It’s absolutely charming. I want to live there!!
    You took beautiful photos. I love the angles and lighting. I adore old barns…and the ones you have here are great. The shape of the white one is so cool! The red one reminds me of so many trips to FL, to visit my folks, seeing the Rock City signs on barns! Thanks so much for sharing part of your lovely life with us!


    1. Judy! That is high praise coming from you! So much fun for me that you understood the See Rock City sign! Your parents live in Florida? Far away; I hope you are able to see them often….but a nice perk to visit your parents and sunny Florida at the same time. πŸ˜‰

      Thank you, your comment made my night!


      1. It’s easy to say nice things about your blog! Every post is an inspiration and lovely as can be! My parents are both deceased now. My mom just a year ago. She lived a good long life and loved FL. And it was fun to visit there! We always went through ATL on the way down! We leave in a few days for a week with my college buddy on St Simons Island. I’m looking forward to that! Then we’ll crawl up the coast and turn left at PA and come home! πŸ˜‰ I’ll be thinking of your sweet town as we drive through so many little places! πŸ˜‰ Have a good night!


  7. Looks wonderful! If you want to write more about your town I’d be glad to feature the article on (moved the wordpress blog to it’s own hosting account now!).


    1. I am playing catch up with my comments, and just saw this. Thank you so much….you have been very supportive of my blog and I appreciate it so much! I would like to try to write something like this for Say Gudday once I find the time to do it right! I’m a little overwhelmed these days, but would love the opportunity! Thanks again,


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