Enchanted Cottage

Enchanting is how I’ve often described this white clapboard cottage and its lovely naturalized gardens.  Once nurtured by someone with a nice touch, loving hands and a gift for gardening, the house and yard rest empty now.  Still charming, it seems to slowly sink into the ground, becoming one with its own sweet surroundings. 


    1. I agree! There is a subdivision being built behind it, and I fear for the wrecking ball…..I might have to stand between it and the house if that happens!


  1. Laura, I’ve always adored this house, and you’re right it’s still so pretty even though untended. Hoping someone will fall in love and save it!!




    1. I am honored by such a nice compliment!

      You should have seen how nervous I was taking that picture….I knew the house was long empty, but all I could think of was that someone was going to rip that door open scare me to death!!


  2. Everybody is right about this one. I can imagine your trepidation. The “cross” vine may be an ever so benign a warning. Your portrait of her has such a sweet, nostalgic softness about it. I see many of these homes in the old neighborhood where Boy’s school is located. Some of them have been beautifully restored with well-tended gardens containing all of the old landscape features and plants. I like that. No attempt is being made to modernize them. Young people are buying them. I see them in the yards. It makes me feel good to see this.


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