The Emerald Isle

A bit of Irish green for the St. Patrick’s Day weekend….pictures from Ireland taken a few years ago that I scanned into my computer.  Not as pretty as the originals, but they’re still green and gorgeous and worthy of a Guinness  for a toast to Ireland!

The Ring of Kerry near Waterville, Ireland

Dingle Peninsula and Dingle Bay were our unanimous favorites.

Sheep country on Dingle Peninsula.  And yes those are my two little sheep….although they’ve practically doubled in height since then.

How many shades of beautiful can there be…

The view from Blarney Castle.  The “gift of gab” is the reward for kissing the stone….my kids thought it wasn’t necessary for me to try it…


  1. Hah! I have almost the exact same shot of Blarney, except there are no people and it’s in the fall so more orange. I loved the look of Blarney castle, the tallest I climbed in Ireland.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I was in Ireland this time last year and really enjoyed our trip. Blarney Castle is so lovely! Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day.


  3. What beautiful pictures! Never been to Ireland and definitely tempted now. Have you done most of your travelling as a flight attendant or still finding time to do so with a family?


  4. Beautiful pictures! It must have been an amazing trip. Still trying to get there myself…I don’t think 4 hours stuck in Dublin airport really counts!


  5. Wow these are very beautiful pictures, these are moments that should be shared and cherished forever. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Wow, oh I LOVE this so much!! Of course being born & bred in the Emerald Isle I completely agree with you on my country’s natural beauty, but even from an unbiased perspective your photographs are sensational!! You have an incredibly talent – these really are amazing images!

    I’m so pleased also that you enjoyed your visit to Ireland years ago & saw some of what I consider to be the most incredible, enchanting places in the world! As a young child & teenager, I spent many happy holidays exploring my country with my family. Dingle was one of my favourite places, it really is such a beautiful place, & the Ring of Kerry – I have so many memories of getting lost there when we were driving through πŸ˜‰ Great post Elisa xoxo


  7. Totally fantastic photos dingle bay is where my husbands fathers family comes from its even our surname so great to see these photos and here nice things being said about a part of the world so beautiful your blog is great.


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