Springsteen and Other Funny Things That Happen When You Travel with Teenagers

No matter the age or phase, our children were always pretty good travelers.  For the most part they well-behaved, polite and readily engaged in their new surroundings.  They are older now, the days of Cheerio filled plastic baggies and teeny travel sized toys are over.  They are brighter, smarter and more interesting (which means  they have their own agenda) and our vacations have become more colorful (which means sometimes embarrassing.)

This gentleman had the perfect solution to tired tourist syndrome.  But his supine body on the warm pavers of the Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy, did not remotely intimidate our daughter from happily clicking away a few feet from where he lay.


One year brought the joyous realization that Bruce Springsteen was staying at our Dublin hotel, The Merrion, during a trip to Ireland.  It was a crazy kind of heaven for this Jersey girl and it could not have been more fun to keep running into the rock legend along with his small and friendly entourage.  At one point, I bribed my daughter to brave the crowd waiting outside the hotel entrance and ask him for his autograph.  I will never forget the kindness he showed her during their fun exchange, and his happiness to offer his signature.  Our family agreed it was a rocking way to start the trip, but not so much to have to listen to my terrible awful renditions of Born to Run and Thunder Road on our drives through the Irish countryside.
This store-front sign generated a sideways glance and grin from my son every time we passed, leaving me to wonder if he assumed they were talking about him and his traveling partners.

Teens find great opportunities for unusual camera shots.  Here, our reflection in an elevator’s mirrored ceiling.

And they persuade you to pose for really unflattering photographs.

Like this one

This summer we’re heading to Southern California and I’m happily anticipating some more teenage ridiculousness.


  1. I love the Bruce story and photo. That’s a story and a photography of a lifetime. Just like the elevator shot.

    I like to see that when you travel you, not only look at what is in front of you, but also what’s up (in the elevator) and what’s on the ground (tired man).


  2. Isn’t it wonderful to travel with your kids? And how about meeting the Boss? Wow! Enjoy your time with your kids…they grow up so fast. I’m looking forward to getting to know you!



    1. Jeannie thank you so much for reading my post! It really has been so much fun raveling with our two kids. They’re both on their way out the door so it won’t be as frequent as it used to be. I’m going to really enjoy every second with them while I can!



  3. I am glad you like our silly story. Traveling is great for that isn’t it – you never know who are what is going to turn up (or down in this case)!! I look forward to hearing your tales from beautiful Italy.



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